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Working with a preferred supplier – Selectaglaze

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to develop an amazing list of suppliers we love working with across a variety of specialties. One of these is Selectaglaze, a leading UK specialist in secondary glazing. Their bespoke products are designed to fit and suit a variety of windows, in a variety of finishes and frame styles. We recently worked with them on our riverside project in Wapping and were really pleased with the result. Read on for further detail on the project.

River-facing lounge space with timber joists, grey carpet and soft grey walls - renovation by Absolute Project Management

Benefits of secondary glazing: There are some great benefits of Secondary glazing, which are summarised below, though you can read more about it here.

  • Warmth: secondary glazing reduces draughts through the windows, keeping these rooms warmer for people inside.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint: inefficient windows will result in higher energy bills as heating is relied on to keep a room warm. As secondary glazing creates an extra barrier to the elements and the air gap provides a layer of heat-retaining insulation, energy use is thereby reduced and so is the carbon footprint of the home. Read more about this and other ways you can make your home more environmentally-friendly here.
  • Sound-proofing: as secondary glazing is fitted 100-200mm from the existing window, there is an air-gap that forms between the two. This provides sound-proofing benefits.
  • Security: by providing an additional, and complicating, physical barrier, burglars will think twice, allowing home-owners some extra reassurance. 
  • Double-glazing benefits without impacting the structure of the building (particularly relevant in Conservation Areas or with Listed properties).

Why Secondary glazing was required for this project:

As part of the initial brief, the clients noted the need for better soundproofing in certain areas of the house, as well as better heat retention.

  • The kitchen window also faced onto the atrium of the building, a common area, so privacy was required here.
  • The front windows look directly onto the Thames which maybe surprisingly, isn’t a big source of noise
  • All the side windows of the property open onto a riverside garden square; great for light and greenery, but a popular spot for late night drinkers, etc. so sometimes very noisy!

As the building is Listed and some of the windows are of a unique shape/style, we chose to fit secondary glazing in selected areas as a quick, cost-efficient and conservation-friendly option.

We enlisted the guidance of Selectaglaze in the planning stage of the project, who were knowledgeable, helpful, efficient and easy to work with. They came to inspect the property and made their recommendations based on the existing windows. As the property is a warehouse conversion and is located in an old, treasured building, it was important we fitted glazing that wouldn’t impact the building structure. As Selectaglaze have a lot of experience working with older buildings, they were a great fit for this project.

Glazing style specifics:

As one side of the property faces a particularly noisy area, Selectaglaze recommended fitting 2-pane horizontal sliding glazing over these windows. The existing windows are iron-framed grid-style pivot in style, which needed to be adequately accessed to be opened. Various frame styles and handle options were discussed, until something minimal and classic was decided on. The frame for the glazing was colour-matched to the existing window frame, which helped it blend in really well.

The windows were already installed in deep recesses, providing a good depth for secondary glazing to be fitted with a gap of 100 mm, which still allowed for electric sheer and roman blinds to be fitted at the front of the recess. The 100mm air-gap helped with the sound-proofing hugely, and as the property is near the (often chilly) river, this also added a great heat-retention benefit.

Glazing options to add privacy were discussed for the kitchen/atrium window – we were after glazing that concealed the flat interior from those outside, but still allowed for light to enter the otherwise window-less kitchen. We settled on fitting reeded glass secondary-glazing here, which worked really well to meet the light and privacy requirements, while also adding a beautiful decorative touch. 

The finished product

We were really pleased with the secondary glazing once fitted – it looks neat, adds excellent heat-retention and sound-proofing benefits, and fits in well with the existing surroundings. Selectaglaze made the process efficient and easy, and we are looking forward to working with them again on future projects.

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