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Working as an Intern with Absolute Project Management

We were lucky enough to work with Hatice Zorpineci as a work experience student during her first year of A-levels, and were so impressed we kept in touch and offered her a (paid) part-time intern role as she completes her first year of university as an Interior Architecture student. She has written about her experience below….

Smart control electric radiators - Renovation by Absolute Project Management

I’m currently a first-year student studying BA interior architecture. It has been an enjoyable year in which I’ve come across with many new things: I have starting learning about architectural drawings, familiarised myself with new programmes such as AutoCAD and learnt about the history of architecture. I have particularly enjoyed working on a career activity project where I had to turn a shipping container into an efficient space for a baker to work and live.

Being a university student in a pandemic world has been an unusual experience and a big step to independence. Although this was a challenging stage, I have tried my very best to absorb and apply the knowledge that I have learnt in my studies. An opportunity that has put me ahead in this game is joining the Absolute Project Management team.

Working with Absolute Project Management has given me a fantastic chance to learn and work at the same time. Learning more about the interior design sector and building on my skills has been an enjoyable process. Whilst working with APM I have realised that interior design has much more to it than I realised – it’s not just picking nice wall colours or choosing aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture, you also have to focus on the plumbing, electrical and roof design considerations. It could be said that there is an unseen face of the iceberg in this industry, and everything has to be dealt with in a very systematic way.

Working in an office environment has helped me to develop my business and personal skills, such as gaining confidence, self-assurance and developing my communication skills. When I first started working with APM, writing up emails, making phone calls and helping out with the paperwork seemed very intimidating tasks to complete, now these tasks are a part of my work routine that I complete with ease.

A redecorated staircase with new carpet and fun feature tiles at the entrance create a wonderful welcome into the home. Renovation by Absolute Project Management.

The best part of interior design is that you get to touch people’s life by designing them a homely environment where they will spend lots of time with their family and friends. There are also many other satisfying parts to interior design, for example proposing plans with different ideas. Looking at spatial design and how to best organise a space is really enjoyable, as you have the opportunity to really use your imagination. Sourcing products/furniture is an exciting task as you choose a shortlist of the best items for your clients to pick from. Have the responsibility of creating the best outcome for your clients is a big one, but it’s also incredibly satisfying meeting that demand.

With APM, I have contributed to projects in different way – for example, I’ve assisted with the initial planning stage of the renovation of a bedroom riverside flat in Wapping. I’ve selected fittings for a two-bedroom flat renovation in Kings Cross, and sourced feature entrance tiles to create a wonderful welcome to the home (seen in the photo above).

I am excited to graduate from interior architecture and become a successful and well-disciplined interior architect, and hope to continue learning and growing as a designer with APM as I do so.

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