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Wooden Flooring, Part 1 – Things to consider

By June 3, 2016October 2nd, 2019Flooring and Finishes, Design, Knowledge & Tips

Often our clients will ask for a wood floor but have few ideas on finish/ type of wood or type of board.  They will likely have a view on appearance- dark/ light/ grain etc. Nevertheless, there are many options, suppliers and styles to choose from…

Following a (RIBA approved) talk on Hardwood floors by Junkers; we have complied a detailed list of things to consider when thinking about a hardwood floor.  

Things to consider-

  1. Type- oak/ beech/ ash etc.  This is generally a choice based on aesthetics/ cost/ colour.  Though it is possible to use stains and different variations to get a type of wood to look vastly different from how it usually appears- this is a good place to save money/ use existing boards.
  2. Cost- Different types of wood, variation, type of board, finish, installation and area all affect the cost.  Put your preferences in order of importance and reduce the overall cost of your ideal by changing preferences from the bottom up.
  3. Use- where the floor will be- high traffic area/ kitchen/ wet area/ stairs (note commercial buildings require each stair nosing to have different colour).
  4. Finish/ Maintenance- aesthetic choice teamed with how often you are prepared to tend to the floor.
  5. Installation- How best to install dependent on your/ contractor’s ability, and type of board.  Consider if you will need to lift it at any point?

In the following two blogs we will go into more detail on the choices available when selecting a new wooden floor:

Part 2 – focuses on the “Look”- aesthetic choices

Part 3 – focuses on “How”- maintenance, labour and sustainability considerations.

We hope you enjoy and find useful.  If you are looking at replacing your flooring as part of a larger project please get in touch; we can suggest what will work best for your space, budget and have excellent suppliers/ labourers with experience in Wood flooring.

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