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Using Difficult Spaces Imaginatively

By October 16, 2014April 7th, 2020Design Advice & Inspiration

‘Great potential’ is all very well, but sometimes when faced with a blank space or, worse, a space filled with old furniture, pokey doorways and dust, it’s hard to know where to start or what to do.

At Absolute Project Management we and our clients face these problems regularly, but we believe in overcoming adversity.  We love to use novel and innovative ideas/ designs which overcome obstacles and make the most of each project.

Come into the light-

With many basement properties in London, light is always an important issue.  We love to maximise light with clever layouts, use of glass and recessed lights where possible.

Stuck for space?

Think outside the box…or inside a coal vault!

Our client with a beautiful Georgian house couldn’t work out how to fit in both a utility room and a bathroom in the lower ground floor.  We had a good look around and found a bricked up coal vault!  By lowering the floor slightly, we added 54 sq ft of useable space (not bad, at area values of £1,000 per sq ft)

Reviving ‘dead’ space-

The wall in this bathroom was boxed to accommodate pipework, so we made the most of the spare space by having two recessed shelves complete with soft lighting.

Celebrating Individualism-

One client had a fantastic collection of rare violins so we designed bespoke shelving storage to keep them safe and –  of course – show them off!

In one of our current projects – creating a large rear extension – the client wanted a beautiful uninterrupted glass wall and somewhere for their cat to access the house. We suggested a first floor cat flap complete with cat staircase for the ageing feline.  The clients love the idea so we are currently designing a bespoke cat ladder!

(Here’s a bespoke cat stair/ fence we designed)


Every constraint is an opportunity to do something different.

Organising renovations from start to finish is what we do – we’ll be delighted to discuss your potential renovation. Please email

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