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Transforming your home through textiles

By August 6, 2020August 13th, 2020Design Advice & Inspiration
Valencia Sofa & Goodwood Chair styled by Absolute Project Management

Textiles serve so many functions in the home – they bring warmth, differentiate spaces, add personality and character, and control acoustics in the space. Some points to consider, when choosing them:


Rugs have been an integral part of the home for hundreds of years and, used well, can be a key component of living spaces in terms of design and comfort. Think about:

  • Colour & pattern: Finalising rug colour is largely dependent on style and colour palette of the room. We love a patterned rug as it adds so much character but if bringing in a feature rug is too bold a choice for you, consider using a plain rug in a beautiful fabric and a lovely colour. 
  • Material: The material of the rug should be suitable for the area it’s in and is a strong contributor to the style of the space. Wool is long-lasting, and in a hardy pile is good for spaces with a lot of footfall such as entryways. A jute rug brings a casual, natural feel to a space, while silk rugs bring a luxurious feel, especially if in a high pile – but need specialist cleaning so use with care…
  • Eco-friendliness: we strongly believe it’s important to consider the environmental impact of your rug purchase. Opting for natural fibre rugs such as wool, jute, sisal and cotton are generally less-toxic options when bringing a new item into your home (in terms of the production process and its impact on your space). It’s also important to consider the material of the rug backing to ensure these don’t contain toxins.  
Artistic living room styled by Absolute Project Management

Throws & cushions

Throws and cushions can be a versatile and practical addition to your home – their colours and patterns can really change the style of a space. Our top tips when choosing cushions: 

  • Pattern: adding a patterned cushion can work amazingly well (specially as they are usually a relatively small feature in a room), though if you’re not confident in incorporating pattern into a space, consider neutrals such as blush or a soft sage, to introduce colour without being overpowering. 
  • Number: we quite enjoy the ‘the more the merrier’ in cushion buying – they can be layered beautifully to completely change a space. However, if you’re uncertain or a cushion ‘beginner’, we recommend choosing three for each area – easier to balance while adding your own style to a room.  
  • Maximalism: If you like the thought of maximalism in theory but are cautious about embracing it in your own home, cushions can be a great place to start. We are huge fans of House of Hackney, who create bold patterned fabrics that can be used to create amazing cushions. 

Less commonly used textiles

We love incorporating less commonly used textiles in the home. These bring softness to hard surfaces, add character and personality to those spaces, and meet functional as well as decorative needs. A table runner can be a wonderful way to bring a bold patterned fabric into a living space for example, without being too overpowering (or permanent) a design choice. Some ways to add these to your home include the below: 

Large woven textile wall hanging in modern bright dining space, featuring stunning parquet wood flooring. Renovation by Absolute Project Management.
  • Wall hangings: as shown above, textile wall hangings can be extremely effective
  • Screens: a more traditional but still beautiful piece, fabric dividing screens have long been used as a way to divide a space, bring privacy, and add softness to a room
  • Lamp shades: As shown below, fabric lamp shades bring a soft warmth to a space, with varying fabric types, textures, patterns and production methods such as gathering adding character to the light source.
  • Table runners and coasters: incorporating textiles to your dining area adds a welcoming touch for guests and helps create the feeling you wish to evoke.
Bright lighting styled by Absolute Project Management

We hope that this guide has been useful, please see our previous journal articles for further inspiration. Don’t forget that we offer home staging services as well as renovation services in London and Brighton if you need help with your renovation. 

For help choosing textiles for your home, get in touch.

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