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Time, Budget and Quality

By October 1, 2021Managing a Renovation

In a perfect world – you would achieve all 3 of the ‘trinity’- a project designed and delivered quickly, at a low budget and amazing quality. But project renovation is rarely straightforward and often running a project is a fine balancing act – usually achieving 2 of these at the expense of another.

Beautiful brass tapware and carefully selected decorative items add a luxurious touch to this fresh white bathroom. Renovation by Absolute Project Management.

Quality and Budget

These are the two key goals for almost all our clients. The best way to achieve both is to plan well in advance. Make sure you take the time, for example to undertake site investigations – to identify and design out costly issues from the start. If you have time you can also shop around for deals on fittings and furnishings (though consider storage costs for larger items during works) and engage multiple contractors to price for the work. If you plan meticulously the timeline once on site should run more smoothly too – however the start date may be later than you were hoping for and you may find originally chosen FF&E are no longer available.

Bedroom with parquet floor, grey feature wall and blue velvet curtains - renovation by Absolute Project Management

Time and Quality

All clients want to go ahead asap with works- we understand this- it’s exciting and often necessary to reduce costs if you live elsewhere during the works. Unfortunately, the best way to achieve a high-quality finish quickly – is to increase your budget. You may be limited to FF&E or even contractors available now, therefore taking away the opportunity to shop around for lower cost alternatives. There’s also a risk by rushing the design process that you could end up changing your mind and/ or paying for expensive reworks. We never suggest rushing the on-site phase as this always leads to mistakes or a poor finish.

Industrial + oak bespoke balustrade, alcove shelving, timber joists, oak flooring and soft green walls - renovation by Absolute Project Management

Time and Budget

If you want a quick and low-cost build, the quality of finish may need to be lower to achieve this. The best way to avoid a low quality ‘feel’ is to carefully consider where you spend your budget- you can opt for mid- low range fittings and reducing the scope of expensive works. One of the most effective ways of reducing budget is to choose cheaper finishes in some or all areas – for example rather than tiling your whole bathroom in a beautiful but pricey tile, you could use a low cost tile through most of the space and create a panel of the beautiful tiles as a feature, to give the space a lift.  We don’t suggest skimping on the design process as good design will ensure a longer quality finish and avoid costly mistakes. You should also be very wary of any extremely low-cost contractor quotes- ensure they have included everything within their scope and what level of finish they will provide for their cost. If possible, visit previous projects of theirs and/ or speak to previous clients of theirs. 

At APM one of our first stages of the design process is to produce a timeline and budget based on the works our clients plan to undertake and what level of finish they require. This ensures everyone is clear on what to expect on all 3 aspects from the start of the project, though often this will change as the scope changes during the design process.

If you need help with your renovation in London or Brighton, particularly in working out how to best achieve quality, budget and sticking to your timeline for your project, contact us now.

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