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Temporary Decorating

Following her recent move to a seaside rental flat, Jo shares her tips for decorating without putting holes in the wall – useful for Home Staging, student rooms and rental homes.

Choose colourful soft furnishings

Curtains, blinds & soft furnishings are your opportunity to personalise your space. Go bolder with these than you otherwise would do, to counteract the white walls!
Don’t forget the floor: it’s often the first thing we look at when we walk into a room. If you don’t like the floor in your new place, get a rug!

A bright rug will instantly personalise your space. This one is from


Do decorate

While you won’t want to spend days painting everything white again, it won’t take long to cover up a couple of walls. Pick 2-3 spots where colour will really make a difference, and paint them as soon as you move in (with the owners permission!).

There has been lots of improvement in temporary decorating tools in recent years. I’m particularly excited by this large-format washi tape, especially designed for home décor.

Feature wall with washing tape

Large format Washi tape – designed for decorating


Buy clever storage

Shelves are the big furniture challenge: Wall shelves definitely require holes in the wall, and most book cases should be secured to the wall too. A good freestanding shelf set is a worthwhile investment – and there is an increasingly good range of leaning furniture from high street shops, including leaning desks/ dressing tables.

Ladder desk

Leaning furniture is a Great Wall-saver. This ladder desk is from The Futon Company


Prop up a picture

Temporary sticky hooks are great for small & light pictures – but I prefer something more secure for bigger items. If you have enough space, big pictures can look great on the floor leaning on the wall. Shelves, desks and bookcases all add useful ledges to get more of your art on display.

pictures on a low shelf

Lean large pictures on the wall – or on a DIY shelf


Go wild with plants

Instantly personal, ultimately transportable, we love houseplants. Put them everywhere!

House Plants: Instant decoration

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