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Styling Film Sets – Top tips

By September 13, 2019October 2nd, 2019Interests, Knowledge & Tips

We’ve recently been involved with styling film sets for a series of promotional films showcasing new residential developments. This has been an exciting opportunity to be ‘on set’ rather than ‘on site’, though the subject matter and skills employed were very familiar to us.

We’ve summarised some key considerations:  

Top 5 tips 

1. Preparation is key – before shooting, check you have everything you need – the filming schedule isn’t going to wait for you… 

2. Consider how the lighting and the green screen interact with your styling props i.e. nothing too shiny as it will leave a glare on the camera.

props set up inside film studio
Unloading props into the studio

dining table set in a film studio
Set dressed for breakfast
room full of props
Only half the accessories …

3. You can never have enough accessories on set in case any last-minute changes are required.

4. Ensure the client has focussed on all the details before signing off – big items are very hard to change last minute (especially a 4sqm rug!).

Lovely egg chairs for the balcony scene
beautiful rug!

5. Dress with versatility in mind – for freezing exteriors and to roasting under multiple lights in the studio – layer up!

On set styling the breakfast table
Action shot!

Camera rig and tracks in film studio
Camera Tracks & Lights

6. Be prepared for plenty of health & safety hazards – tho different issues than you find on site – keep out of the way of the enormous, auto-programmed camera rig and don’t trip over the tracks!

Dark Grey bedroom with green cushions and mirror styled by APM
Red cocktail chair in bedroom styled by APM
Desk styled by Absolute Project Management

If you’d like help styling film sets or your home, get in touch.

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