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Renovating your new home – Key Points

By May 31, 2016October 2nd, 2019Managing a Renovation, Knowledge & Tips

“I’ve found a great house but it needs a lot of work– new electrics, central heating, redecoration – what do I do?”

The keys to a successful renovation project:

  • the right contractors
  • rigorous initial planning
  • ongoing organisation of timetable and costs

How to find a contractor

  • Through recommendation – by far the best way (we have excellent tried and tested contractors)
  • Contractors working locally
  • Web search

Ask for and follow up references and visit some completed projects by the same team.

Initial planning

  • Decide exactly what you want to do – detailed spec of work, including design elements – click here to see some of our completed renovation projects
  • Nail down an accurate budget for all aspects click here for more tips.
  • Decide the order of works

Consider: Do you plan to live in the house while it’s being renovated?

  • If you will live elsewhere, the contractor can rip out the old electric and heating systems, taking up any floors/making holes in walls as required by the job.
  • If you are living there, works will have to be phased area by area so there are useable parts of the house to sleep, cook, and wash… which can take much longer.

Ongoing organisation

  • You will need plenty of time (far more than you anticipate…) to manage the works and make decisions/ deal with emergencies/ problems as they crop up.  (These are inevitable even for the best-organised project.)
  • Budget management can also be time-consuming – you’ll need a good spreadsheet and to exercise discipline, especially when choosing fittings, to stick to budget.

We’re happy to discuss renovation projects you’re planning or have underway – we offer a free initial consultation/ site visit.  Absolute Project Management’s team is skilled at putting together and managing the necessary teams of specialists to make renovation projects as seamless, efficient and stress-free as possible.

Good luck!

If you would like more details or help with your project; please get in touch.


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