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Renovate to rent

With most rental properties, budget is key when undertaking renovations or repairs. Here are our top tips and things to consider:

Repairs and Admin

When you are letting out a property, it’s imperative that everything is in good working order and not prone to faults/ leaks etc. Your time is valuable and having to call out emergency plumbers or electricians can be costly and disruptive.

1 . Get a registered plumber to regularly service the boiler or consider upgrading if it is old/ prone to faults:

  • Get a gas safety certificate for any newly installed appliancesand have old fittings checked and serviced as necessary (check the current regulations for details.)

2 . Get a qualified electrician to check and certify the electrics (again, check the current regulations for details –these were updated in summer 2020.):

  • Ensure there are enough sockets throughout the property to avoid tenants plugging in extra extension cables (which can cause fires)
  • Replace light fittings/ bulbs with LED’s which last longer and use less energy (good opportunity to lift the décor with new attractive fittings!)
  • Get wired-in smoke and heat detectors and ensure these are anually checked/ serviced as necessary. You may also require a carbon monoxide alarm – check current regs with your agent.

3 . Ensure all doors, windows, handles and locks are in good order. Security and heat retention are key concerns for tenants and will require immediate attention if these break/ fail

4 . Ensure there are no roofing or damp issues:

  • Any damp should be inspected and treated by a professional asap. It can often be fixed easily and cheaply, but if left it can cause significant damage and cost more to fix (and wont help you retain your tenants).
  • The roof, guttering and where necessary external walls/ joins should be checked by a professional. Ensure gutters are cleared regularly especially if the property is surrounded by any trees.

5 . Ensure the kitchen and bathroom(s) are in good condition and consider renovating/ improving/ replacing where necessary:

  • For low cost improvements – you could re-grout/change taps/ handles or floor. 
  • If replacing entirely, ensure you get good quality taps ,appliances and hinges/ drawer runners – as these are used most and difficult/ expensive to change – and make sure the fitters use high spec damp proofing beneath showers, baths, etc.

Quality and Income

Whilst you should ensure investment in the property does not exceed long-term income, choosing quality fittings and investing in good design can make your rental more profitable (increased rental value/ fewer voids):

  1. Investing in attractive light fittings can be a low-cost, high-impact change – good lighting can transform a space and make it more desirable thereby increasing the rental value.
  2. Ensure the walls and woodwork are kept in good condition with regular refresh paints between tenants or periodically throughout long tenancies. 
  3. Invest in good quality flooring covers appropriate for the area/ use:
  • Avoid lightcoloured/ loop/ deep carpets and invest in a good underlay to make it last longer. Have any carpets professionally cleaned regularly or between tenancies.
  • Consider fitting a large coir mat in entrances
  • Get wood flooring or tiling installed by an experienced professional

Kerb appeal

Ensure the front of the property and entrance is tidy and attractive. 

  • Ensure the pathway, bins, drive and garden are in good condition – fix/ replace anything broken and have the area jet washed/ repainted where necessary
  • Include low maintenance planting where possible or arrange to have the garden periodically maintained by a professional gardener.
  • Ensure there is good attractive PIR light fitting at the front entrance for security/ safety

If you would like help overseeing a renovation or staging for a rental property-please get in touch. The last property APM renovated for rental-was tenanted at a higher rate, within 2 weeks of advertising. We’d love to do the same for your property!

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