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Project details:

We’ve been working w these lovely clients since summer 2018 on the complete, but phased, renovation of their five storey Camden townhouse.  The property, built in the 1850’s, is bright and spacious but required significant upgrades and layout adaptations throughout, as it had previously been subdivided into separate units.  The clients wanted to create a beautiful, efficient and comfortable home for their growing family.  The clients lived at the property throughout the works, so a key aspect was to schedule the works so each floor could be updated separately but the overall house infrastructure (electrics, hot and cold water, central heating, drainage) continued to work throughout.   Replastering and redecoration, with new floor coverings in all areas and a stair runner throughout the property were also phased in.  We designed and selected wall colours, flooring, light fittings, window coverings and ironmongery throughout and designed bespoke storage for most areas of the house.  We enjoyed making sure the style of the whole house was cohesive but adapted to the needs/ functions of each part of the house/ family member.


In Phase One, we spent some time carrying out various surveys and arranging for specialists to redesign the electrical layout and heating system, undertake various structural strengthening works and reconfigure the overall drainage layout to make more efficient use of the available space.  The info used from these surveys/ designs informed the development of each storey of the house.  We identified a large, unused, damp under-steps void as a suitable location for the plant room, had that damp proofed and moved most plant into this area.  Most windows were replaced (with planning permission) to timber double glazed sash units to improve energy efficiency and comfort while complying with Conservation Area guidance.


We started the substantive renovation work (Phase 2) on the top (5th) floor – this had previously been converted from a loft into a bedroom but access to it and the en suite bathroom were quite awkward.  We worked with a structural engineer and Building Control to redesign the stairway and structural supports to the top floor, allowing more convenient access to the bedroom and a separate access to the WC.  We created loads of useful and accessible eaves storage, fitted air conditioning and redesigned the room to create a fun, pretty but practical child’s bedroom.


Design, planning and building works continued for Phase 3 (after a brief respite break for the family!) onto the 2nd floor.  We redesigned and fitted out another children’s bedroom with large playroom next door.  We were able to identify and reinstate fireplaces in both main rooms and replace damaged/ missing ceiling mouldings.  We reconfigured and upgraded the bathroom so it’s a welcoming and stylish, yet functional, family bathroom.  Large understairs cubpoards which had previously held a hot water cylinder and electrical unit were redesigned with bespoke wardrobes/ shelving, adding huge volumes of essential storage space to this floor.


Phase 4 involved fairly significant renovation work to the two bedrooms on the first floor and en suite bathroom.  This storey gained loads of space from the rearranged drainage (got rid of bulky boxing and another boiler and cylinder) and we were therefore able to achieve flush flooring throughout.  Some of the reconfigured space was used for a large and well organised walk-in dressing room with bespoke wardrobe storage and we created a luxurious bathroom with bold colours and beautiful tapware en suite to the main bedroom.  The remaining bedroom on this floor is currently a nursery and can be reorganised into a study in due course. started with the main bedroom and ensuite.


Window coverings in the bedrooms are also a key feature- bringing William Morris patterns and earthy textures throughout the space, echoing into the stairwell to create a unity of colour and theme.


In Phase 5 we focused on the ground floor.  The double reception room retained most of its original detailing (ceiling mouldings and roses, shutters at front and rear, etc) but needed significant repair and redecoration.  We created a layout that works both as a family room but also more formal reception room as needed – we retained much of the clients’ original furniture and added bespoke shelves and cabinetry as well as opulent lighting and detailing, together with a hardwood floor throughout the ground floor.  The hallway, which had been cramped and awkward to use as various utilities ran through it, has been opened up to a comfortable and welcoming space. The original staircase was repaired and redecorated and a new carpet runner to bring texture and pattern throughout the hallways and landings.  We re-designed  the WC at the rear of the house with a focus of marble and terracotta walls for warmth and brass tapware and ironmongery with patterned cement floor tiles to add colour and style.


Phase 6 is underway…watch this space.


Project date: 

July 2018 – July 2021

Services Used:

Project Management, Interior Design

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