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Making the most of small spaces

With so much uncertainty in so many areas due to the global health crisis, many house-moves and renovation work projects are, rightly, paused for now. 

However, to the extent it’s possible to do so, we suggest continuing to work on finalising the planning/ designing/ decision-making during this ‘on hold’ period.  When normal-ish life resumes, you can have made (most of) the remaining design/ choosing, etc. decisions and obtained related costings, with less time pressure than usual, and be ready to start ordering and getting on site at an appropriate time. 

Working on your renovation project may also be a welcome distraction…  We’ll continue to share content to advise and inspire.

Why small spaces matter

With space in our cities (and our homes) at a premium (especially at the moment), making good use of small spaces is an important interior design challenge. Here we share our tips for making the most of your ‘bijoux’ spaces.

Use it wisely

If the space isn’t big enough to be used as one of the main rooms (e.g. bedroom, lounge), consider the ways you can use it to free up space elsewhere. A dressing area, home office or Utility room doesn’t need to be big to be a big benefit.

Use the full height

Valuable space is lurking above head height. Fit full-height storage and invest in a step stool – or fit a platform bed and use the space underneath.  This works particularly well in children’s rooms.

Full height wardrobes add valuable extra space
This corridor space works hard as both a Utility & Shoe storage!

Change the doors

The swing of a door can take up precious space. By changing the hanging direction (or even better, fitting a pocket door) you can make the usable space much bigger and more versatile. For some rooms you may not even need a door – although you should always check building regulations before you remove an existing door.

Be adventurous

Bold wallpaper or rich colours can be overwhelming in a big space – but in a little room you can get away with more. That WC under the stairs? The perfect place for a little splashback of luxurious tiles!

Light it properly

Just because you can light the whole space with one light, it doesn’t mean you should. A single bright light source can draw attention to how near the walls are. Make sure you have dedicated lighting for any tasks you need to do in the space, and a soft ‘ambient’ option – like a dimmer on the main light, or wall/ floor lamps. See our guide to lighting;

Bathroom with brass fittings and bright lighting
Multiple light sources help this mini vault-bathroom feel more spacious
A small WC is the perfect place to be adventurous with wallpaper

Buy flexible furniture.

There are lots of good furniture options out there designed specifically for small spaces. Wall mounted folding desks are a good idea, and we love this clever fold-away bed in an Ottoman

Get help

If you have small spaces that aren’t meeting your needs, it could be time for expert advice. A clever new layout can entirely transform the way you use your home. Get in touch.

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