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Love your home

Whether it is a place to recharge, something glamorous to show off or just ‘home’- there should be many reasons to love your home.  After all, it’s supposed to be where your heart is…

But in the social media age- many of us are falling out of love with our houses and head over heels instead- for curated Pinterest and Instagram interiors!

But hope is not lost- if you’re fed up with your woebegone interiors and aren’t sure how to add that sparkle- here are some helpful tips to improve your relationship with your own home.

Keep it interesting

Change up your display items such as trinkets, artwork or soft furnishings to add interest and excitement.  The simplest way to keep this fresh is have a winter and summer collection which you switch over as necessary in Spring and Autumn.  You’ll fall back in love with forgotten pieces and can also add splashes of seasonal colours to match the time of year.  A further tip is to switch up your smells to help create warmth and memories through use of fresh flowers and essential oil diffusers..

Artwork & plants can help you fall back in love with your home

Be kind

Show your house some respect and keep it tidy.  Clean regularly, look after your fittings and ensure you don’t forget routine maintenance and checks (fire alarms/ window clean etc- easily forgotten but sorely missed).  If you can’t do this – enlist help:

  • Hire a weekly cleaner
  • Have a clear out. Keep/ display that which brings you joy (See the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix for advice from the ultimate de-clutterer)
  • Revamp a piece of furniture- make it a family task
  • Enlist the help of a local interior designer or home stager- to give simple but effective suggestions for improvement.
Keep & display items that bring you joy

Don’t ignore problems

For example – oil that squeaking door, replace the missing bulb, and get someone to advise on the damp issue you’ve trained your nose to not notice!  Don’t let things build up until it becomes too big to solve.

Not the best fix for condensation!


If you’re really not happy with larger aspects of the house- why not fix it all in one go: plan a big renovation.  Whether that’s extending, full renovation or focusing on one area- write your list of aims in order of importance, set a sensible budget and decide what you’ll do. If you’re not an expert- we suggest appointing one to save time, hassle and money.

Planning, organising and managing renovations is what we do… Contact us here!

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