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Lockdown Lowdown

By July 22, 2020May 21st, 2021Events and News

Louise Morriss, Founder & MD of Amazon PR and one of our office neighbours, interviewed Cat for her series: Lockdown Lowdown.

You can read the full interview here – and some excerpts below…

Businesses in Lockdown

A couple of our campaigns had to be postponed when lockdown began. Presumably lockdown forced some of your projects to pause. It’s interesting hearing how other professions are affected. What have been the most significant challenges for you and your clients?

Without doubt the difficulty, delay and in some cases impossibility of getting fittings delivered to site – whether that’s a national shortage of plaster or bespoke bathroom fittings ‘stuck in a warehouse in Dover’. This causes major delays to our projects which is extremely inconvenient for clients and makes our and our contractors’/ suppliers’ jobs much more tedious (and less profitable) – you can’t really use a shower enclosure if the tiles lining it don’t make it to site…

Homes in Lockdown

Although some people are returning to their regular workplaces, it seems likely that many will continue working from home to some degree. If we haven’t already got comfortable, pleasant workspaces at home, what should we be thinking about? What are the small changes that can make a big difference?

For the fundamentals, a comfortable, supportive chair + desk arrangement with good lighting are really important – preferably in a quiet place – and ideally these pieces should be ones you really like (specially as you may be using them a lot more in future).

However, I’d also really recommend having a few things around you that you like/ make you happy – whether that’s plants, artworks, photos or nice stationery. We’re big believers in biophilic design and these items will help you feel happier, more healthy and more grounded. Doing your best to maintain good mental as well as physical health is really important with so much stress and uncertainty globally.

Life in Lockdown

Lots of us have been focusing on fitness during lockdown. I remember you were doing ‘Yoga with Adriene’ a while back. Have you continued with that (or something similar)?

Good memory! Yes I’ve been doing fairly regular 30 min morning Yoga with Adriene, with a bit of ‘pilates with katja’ and ThirdSpace IGTV core or weights classes to mix it up a bit. I also still cycle to sites as often as possible and (theoretically at least) do a 5 k run ‘most’ weeks.

Read the full interview

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