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Interior Design Declares – the story so far

By October 22, 2021Knowledge & Tips

Regular readers will have seen our newsflash on the launch of Interior Design Declares, in March this year, by nine founder signatory interior design practices.

Six months on and with 91 professional signatories, we’ll explain:

  • what it is
  • what it aims to do


  • how you can get involved.

You’ve probably read/ heard that buildings and construction account for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions nationally.

Professionals from all parts of the construction industry identified that we need a wide-ranging declaration of intent to reduce it. That declaration of intent must be followed by:

  • committed action
    • international cooperation and
    • open-source knowledge sharing.

Interior Design Declares is the declaration, or pledge, by the interior design profession.

It is, in summary, a pledge to:

  • raise awareness within our profession (among ourselves, our clients and our suppliers) of the climate emergency


  • work towards more sustainable practices throughout the industry.

We really encourage all interior designers and suppliers to the industry to sign up to the UK declaration at

There’s no test to pass to join – it’s a pledge to take steps do better.

We are pushing:

  • to raise awareness among clients and suppliers about:
    •  the emergency


  • the steps we can take:
    • reasonably easily
    • without compromising design quality
  • without spending unrealistic amounts of money
  • suppliers to consider their own environmental footprints and their policies to improve these
  • to highlight to clients where more environmentally efficient solutions/ designs or products are available – for example:
    • considering sustainable energy sources, where you have influence
    • using materials, where these are available, that are all or some of:
      • recycled/ recyclable
      • manufactured in an energy efficient way
      • thoughtfully packaged and transported

These are just a few examples – there’s a huge range of steps we can take.

We’re not asking/ expecting our colleagues or suppliers to completely change how they work overnight, just to consider how to do better.

IDD UK has amassed and is continuing to accumulate a huge amount of material about how to do this – knowing where to start can be overwhelming and we aim to help make it simpler.

We’re encouraging IDs in other countries to set up their own pledges – so far Finland has its own national IDD Pledge – and Australia and Egypt are underway

You can sign up by visiting

Sign up at  or email for more info.

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