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Indoor Gardening – Guest Post

By May 19, 2020May 20th, 2020Interests

It is unsurprising there has been a huge increase in interest in gardening in recent months; It’s a deeply nurturing activity that’s a perfect way to spend time when you can’t leave home. If you haven’t got outside space or if (like us) you love an indoor jungle, there is still plenty of indoor gardening you can be getting on with.

We asked Alys, who runs house-plant shop & workshop Between Two Thorns in Brighton, for her advice:

What houseplant(s) would you recommend to someone wanting to start their at-home jungle?


I’d recommend a Sanseveria (mother-in-law’s tongue) as you literally have to ignore them! The only way you’d kill this guy would be by over-watering it and not too many people are guilty of doing that… Another option would be the old faithful cheeseplant as it grows very quickly and likes shady spots – perfect for basement flats or dark corners.

 What indoor gardening activities do you recommend during lock-down?

Indoor gardening – this is the perfect time for re-potting. Has your plant been looking a bit sad? Or outgrown it’s pot? Buy some new house plant soil and some feed, get the next size pot up and go wild. I always recommend changing the soil every year.

Otherwise, if you would like more of an exciting activity, terrariums are still wildly popular. We sell terrarium kits which are perfect for the current climate… as people can’t come to us to learn at the mo…

 Can people still buy plants during lock-down?

People can 100% still buy plants during lockdown from shops such as mine. Outdoor plants are a little bit more tricky as a lot of local garden centres are desperate to sell their stock but unfortunately haven’t got an online system set up yet. If you want to support them I would definitely suggest doing some research and having a look on their social media page – it might be a convoluted way of doing it but they need our help more than ever. – AD


APM Note; and the government have now announced garden centres can reopen from 13 May hurray!

Sanseveria Plant - Image credit between two thorns.
The hardy Sanseveria
Terrarium made using kit from Between Two Thorns. Image Credit Between Two Thorns
Open Terrarium Kit
Textile plant pot covers from Between Two Thorns.
We love these cloth bags as pot-cover options for larger plants

APM’s top tips on lock-down gardening

  • Choose air purifying plants for your home-office space. We love a peace lily.
  • Keep thirsty plants in a kitchen or bathroom – you’ll be more inclined to water them when they show signs of thirst if there’s a tap nearby.
  • Grow edible plants in a window-box. We love nasturtiums for their gorgeous bright flowers and peppery leaves (which make a cracking pesto)…
  • For the ultimate home-jungle, combine a few ‘signature’ plants like a large Monstera, with rapid-growing and easy to reproduce trailing plants like Devil’s Ivy & Tradescantia.
Plants on a kitchen window sill with a view to a brick wall and bay tree
Plants in the kitchen will get more attention
Houseplants surrounding a TV in a living room styled by Absolute Project Management
A combination of large feature plants and trailing plants
Nasturtium: Beautiful and delicious!
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