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How to plan your bathroom renovation

We thought a ‘how to’ guide would be useful, if you’re considering renovating your bathroom…

Preliminary questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want from the bathroom, from a functional point of view?
  • Is a bath essential, or not if there’s a good shower?  A top tip – if you have babies/ small children, washing them in a bath is much easier than in a shower (assuming you want to stay dry).
  • Do you need a bidet and/ or Japanese-style loo? Rimless toilets are becoming increasingly popular, such as the ones designed by a favourite Japanese supplier of ours, Toto. Read our blog on designing a hygienic bathroom here.
  • Would you like a wetroom-style floor?  (You might have to rethink feasibility depending on the construction of your house i.e. how likely it is to leak, even if well fitted).
  • What overall style are you looking for? 
    • Super modern
    • Minimal
    • Traditionally styled
    • Coastal
    • Hip hotel/ lux – read our blog on creating a luxurious bathroom here for some inspo.
Beautiful brass tapware and carefully selected decorative items add a luxurious touch to this fresh white bathroom. Renovation by Absolute Project Management.
  • Storage – is lots essential (i.e. for towels), or just for bathroom products? We always look to use ‘spare’ spaces to create storage – if a wall area has to be boxed in to conceal pipework, use part of the boxed in space as a niche for shelving/ a mirror/ lighting.  Freestanding cabinetry is available at various price points, or to use every mm of available space, we suggest you have bespoke storage designed.
  • Do you need a multi-functional, quick shower zone or a space to relax?
  • Is there space to reorganise the current layout?  (And if there’s space, do you have sufficient budget…?)
  • Are you interested in ‘intelligent’ systems for TV, music, lighting, app-controlled blinds, etc.?
  • What, realistically, is your budget?  You should probably factor in building costs + sanitaryware (bath, loo, basin, shower enclosure) + taps + tiles (floor and wall) + storage + lighting
  • Sustainable options – can you reuse any existing fittings?  Look for water-saving WCs, LED lighting and waste water heat recovery systems, and where possible choose fittings made from natural or eco-friendly materials
Modern bathroom and brick red floor tiles styled by Absolute Project Management

Practicalities to bear in mind:

  • To some extent the layout is dictated by:
    • the sort of building you live in, and
    • where the existing soil pipes, etc. are located
  • Heating:
    • If you have a radiator/ towel rail, consider having it ‘dual fuel’ which means plumbed into the central heating but also with an electric element, so it can be turned on even when the central heating is off.
    • Consider underfloor heating – ideally this would be piped, but for a small space, electric underfloor heating with a good programmer can work well.
  • Lead time for fittings, tiles, etc. – make sure they will arrive in time to be fitted – you can check the installation timeline with your contractor
  • The renovation process may:
    • be more disruptive than you think – even in a small bathroom, several different ‘trades’ will be needed (plumbers, electricians, decorators, tilers, etc.), with space to store tools and materials
    • take longer than you think – for the same reasons – the ‘trades’ usually work one after the other rather than simultaneously. Read our blog written for Houzz on how long a bathroom renovation takes here.
  • The sort of lighting you’d like, and whether you’d like different options – maybe downlights on one switch with (bathroom-zone) wall lights with another, for different ‘moods’?
Black + brass bathroom as part of 2 adjoining flats remodel and renovation by Absolute Project Management

If you need help with your renovation, contact us now!

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