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How to make your home a sanctuary during lockdown

By April 9, 2020April 17th, 2020Design Advice & Inspiration, Home Staging

Homes, like much of life, are rarely perfect.  During a lockdown some aspects of your home can make you feel even more frustrated.

Here are my top tips (now and always) on how to make your home a sanctuary.

Make a comfortable, private space for yourself (and use it regularly)

Designate a space for yourself away from common distractions (i.e. the TV, the fridge or anything which reminds you of work/ your to do list) for some relaxation time. The best tools at your disposal for this are;

  • A window to provide plenty of natural light, ideally facing some greenery.
  • A comfortable chair. Note a rug and a cushion will also work. Add a blanket should you wish to get cosy!
  • A small table or surface to hold your cup of tea, book, a candle. Think Hygge. You could also add a couple of items which bring you joy (keep reading for tips on arranging!)
  • A plant or fresh flowers (especially important if you can’t see greenery from your window (or if you have no window)). See our Biophilic blog on why plants are important to create a calm happy space, and our advice on bringing the outside in.
  • Then set yourself time out to visit your space. If you’re living with children negotiate some alone time with your partner or children and try to get at least 10-20 minutes a day. If all else fails – get up before the rest of the house wakes up (or stay up if you’re a night owl like me)
Small wall-mounted vases by bed in house renovated by Absolute Project Management
Arrange a few items that bring you joy
Rosie understands the importance of time out
Cute Aloe plant in a duck-egg blue pot on a bedside table in a house renovated by Absolute Project Management
House plants are important to create an at-home sanctuary

Top tip during lockdown- try to relax and get as much sun as possible (from inside or your private garden) to lift your mood. Don’t set yourself too many goals or tasks. Sitting in your relaxation space could mean listening to music, reading a book or just staring into space. Do whatever you want and don’t feel guilty- as Jameela says- “It’s OK to just survive for a bit”!

Alternatively, if you’re ready for something to do… continue reading…

In part 2 we cover practical advice for the three golden rules of making and maintaining your sanctuary;

  • Make tidying easy: How to keep on top of clutter in a busier-than-usual household
  • Mix up your displays: How to refresh your interior with the accessories you already have
  • Get the detail right: Take time now to plan your longer term or higher-effort changes so you get the details right first time

Guitars mounted on a wall painted in Farrow and Ball babouche in a house renovated by Absolute Project Management

Stylishly arranged shelf with books, house plants and objet in a house renovated by Absolute Project Management
Sophisticated looks of the cute accessories styled by Absolute Project Management

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