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How to adopt Interior Design Trends in your home

A new year, a new decade, and so to the irresistible annual activity of trend-spotting.

It is undoubtedly fun to pore over lists of interior predictions (and we do have our own list, over here )– but when we’re in the business of designing homes that will stand the test of time, does the concept of a trend even make sense?

Well, yes and no! Here’s our take on where trends come from, and which ones you should pay attention to;

New & improved materials

New or improved materials for use in construction or as surfaces in the home emerge fairly often – and particularly now there is a lot of development work going on in the space of new materials made from industry waste. These developments drive trends based on what is possible.

Example: huge windows only became fashionable when they became possible!

How to adopt new materials:

This is most relevant to worktops & flooring. Ask your suppliers what materials they recommend and if there are new materials you should consider based on their strength, durability and sustainability. 

Technological developments

Our relationship with tech and gadgets is increasingly driving trends in the home;

Example: ‘Smart Technology’ for the home – lighting, security, media and heating systems that you can control and programme remotely. 

How to adopt New Technology in your home:

The one thing we can be certain of is that technology will continue to rapidly develop – so we’d advise thinking carefully before adopting anything that requires significant hardware that is difficult to change. A cheaper, simpler, more flexible solution could be round the corner.

We’d also advise working with an expert; unlocking the potential of new tech all comes down to configuring it to meet your needs, which can require careful planning.

We’re also keeping a keen eye on developments in sustainable tech such as renewable energy.

Brightly designed dining room and bespoke joinery units designed by Absolute Project Management
Huge windows are only possible due to improvements in glazing technology
Smart lighting control set

Changes driven by wider changes in economics, attitudes, and lifestyles.

The way we live changes the shape of our homes; open plan design, home offices, bi-fold doors and ‘tiny homes’ have all arisen from changes in how we relate to work, time & family, as well as economic & population change.

And armed with the internet, we also get to see homes from the other side of the world where the needs may be very different. 

Examples: One of this year’s trends is for ‘multi-function spaces’ – surely a result of the ever increasing cost of owning a large home.

How to adopt these trends:

We’d always recommend designing a home based on how you live (and any changes you want to make!). Open plan vs closed kitchen, home gym or utility room, walk-in shower or freestanding bath – these are all questions that should be answered based on your household needs and priorities – not someone else’s Instagram or a trend article.

Modern bathroom with white marble wall tiles styled by Absolute Project Management
Large shower or freestanding bath?
Is open plan living right for you?

Shorter term ‘fashions’

Trends in use of colour, pattern and to a certain extent furniture shapes move more like fashion; emerging from a mixture of designers, industry professionals & influencers.

Example: Terrazzo has really been having a moment for the last few years – spilling out from hard finishes to a pattern of choice for stationery and soft furnishings.

2020 design fashions: Abstract Energy
New Monochrome
Honeyed tones

How to adopt Interior Fashions:

It would be unrealistic and an environmental disaster to keep your home décor at ‘peak fashion’ at all times. The good news is that although trends can be quick to come, they are also slow to go – it usually takes decades for a particular ‘look’ to become dated – so you can safely pick and mix from looks that have been popular for years.

Paint colours and accessories are fairly safe ways to play with trends, but when it comes to flooring, kitchen and bathroom choices, aim for something timeless.

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