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How to Glamp like an interior designer

By July 20, 2018October 2nd, 2019Interests, Knowledge & Tips

Whether you’re having a family camping weekend, a couple’s glamping retreat or going to a festival- here’s our top tips on how to make camping as luxurious and comfortable as possible.


Firstly you need to decide which tent to take (or buy!). A simple rule of thumb is each person will have half a person worth of baggage, for example a couple need at least a 3 person tent.  Tall people should look to invest in the tallest tent they can find to make getting in and out/ dressing feasible.  Also look for something with doors/ windows either side for some cross breeze.

APM favourite – Bell tents- they are extremely easy to put up/ take down and have loads of space. The best thing by far- you can pull the sides up for a cross breeze inside the tent, allowing you to have a lay in without suffocating!

We also love – the hanging chandeliers you can get with them!

Bell tent chandelier

We love these bell tent chandeliers!


To have a great stay- ensure you can get a good night’s sleep.

The key thing is a thick insulating underlay, whether you’re taking an air bed or just a sleeping bag. Use a yoga mat or a picnic rug (or both!) underneath your sleeping bag or blow up mattress.  If you’re still cold sometimes putting the blanket below you is more effective than over the top!

Next, we suggest a double blow up air mattress and a thick duvet on top with plenty of cushions and a proper pillow for comfort.

APM top tip – we’re not sleeping bag lovers – if you truly want to get the glamping vibe, ditch the sleeping bag (or sleep directly on top of it!) and opt for pretty blankets and throws on top of a clean sheet.  Yes, you will need to carry more but you will be 100% more comfortable and get hundreds more beautiful Instagram pictures!

Blanket bed

This lovely blanket bed would work just as well for glamping as in this campervan

Must have’s

  • Lights
    • A sensible bright battery powered lamp which can hang/ or stand alone. Torches are good until you need both hands- lamps are better!
    • Solar fairy lights- inside and out of the tent. They are so simple to set up/ power and are especially helpful when looking for your tent in large campsites!  (Don’t forget to charge the solar batteries on route if you’re arriving late!)

Solar Fairy lights – beautiful and practical!

  • Cushions/ seats/ rugs– the more the better. Picnic blankets with waterproof underlays are excellent.
    • Ensure they’re all washable
    • Check out our post on Moroccan Style for some colourful inspiration!
    • Dedicate one mat for muddy boots/ shoes and stick it by the entrance of your tent inside. It will make keeping the tent clean & tidy much easier.
  • Table– Low tables work best for socialising and cooking. You can even use large trays or the top from a recycled side table.
  • Washable cutlery and a big bucket for washing up– Save the earth- make sure you bring plenty of reusable cutlery, plates, cups and think about what you’ll need to make cleaning/ storing it all as easy as possible.
  • Rules!
    • Take shoes off inside the tent
    • Make the bed and tuck pillows underneath the blanket to stop the insides getting dewy and cold!
    • Store all food carefully to avoid smells and insects
    • Keep the tent door/ internal parts zipped closed whenever not in use to avoid creepy crawlies!

Take shoes off inside the tent – even ones that beautifully match your surroundings

If this all sounds a bit much, up the luxe factor and go on a ready-made glamping experience. Here are some spectacular locations for inspiration!

Nice to have’s

  • Wind breakers– especially if you’re planning to cook!
  • Storage boxes– great for bug free storage and easy to stack and manage both when packing and using.
  • Decorations: bunting, windmills, plant- anything to set your tent apart/ make it feel homely.
  • Citronella Candles– make sure you’ve got safe jars and holders to put them in and ensure they’re away from the sides of the tent/ supported on a flat surface.

Citronella Candles are helpful to keep bugs away – just keep them in a safe jar!

Final tip

with all the above equipment, invest in a wheelbarrow or select a campsite which you can park close to!

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