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Getting Winter-ready in 2020

By October 2, 2020Knowledge & Tips

With summer coming to a rather hasty end, and the cooler temperatures and shorter days setting in, we’re reminded that winter is just around the corner, and some preparation for the cooler months is required. We’ve put together some tips to inspire you to get your home as winter-ready as possible. 


As with all areas of our lives, preparing our homes for winter now means adding that Covid-factor. Making your entrance area as hygienic as possible can be one way to do that, by having an allocated area for the necessities – face masks and sanitiser. These generally aren’t the chicest of accessories, but storing them in a nice vessel can make all the difference.  You create a dedicated convenient spot for your protective items, and provide a friendly reminder to use them/ take them with you as you enter or leave the house. 

If you have a WC or Utility space near the front door, ensure that it’s clean and stocked with soap and clean towels.

Soft Furnishings

Utilising soft furnishings can be one of the best ways to get ready for the cooler months. By adding additional cosy bedding to bedrooms and styling your living areas with throw blankets and extra cushions in relaxation areas, you’ll add visual as well as literal warmth. 

Throw blankets are also a way to update a space, with a new colour or pattern, working with other elements in your room to create the look you are after. 


Make sure that you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This is especially important as we are now spending so much more time indoors, and are likely to have boilers, fires, etc. on for longer periods of time. Batteries for detectors should be changed every 6 months, and checked regularly. 

Home exterior

Party wall award

Take the time to clean out your gutters and organise for roof leaks to be repaired before the cold and rain arrives. Replacing gutter holders and fitting gutter guards can make all the difference in keeping the leaf situation at bay (and is usually a low-cost bit of work). If you have a damp problem, it’s best to organise for a damp specialist and repairs before it gets particularly cold and wet. 


Fireplaces are not only a beautiful feature, but they can be a cost-effective way to heat the home. Before using, it’s essential to make sure your fireplace and flue are safe, clean and ready. Check and clean the fireplace itself, making sure there are no visible cracks, and dirt hasn’t built-up. If you’re sure the fire has a working flue, arrange for it to be chimney swept by an expert.   This is safer and easier than you doing it yourself, and they could look out for potential issues, such as dirt build-up or lead flashing problems around the chimney externally.  If you have ANY doubts the fireplace (and surrounding areas), flue and/ or chimney may not be safe to use, it’s crucial to have them checked by an expert. 

Valencia Sofa in the living room styled by Absolute Project Management

There are many different options for stoves and working fireplaces, and a number of considerations to address before going ahead with the purchase, including correct ventilation, size of the opening, and your own personal design style preference. 

While it’s not quite winter yet, the next few months are likely to fly by (as this year has), and the cold months will be here before we know it. Using this time to prepare your home for cold and rain can help avoid weather-issues that can cause so much stress and will bring you much relief and comfort when winter is here.

If you need help getting your property ready for winter, or are looking to start a renovation or styling project, get in touch!

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