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Feline Friendly Furnishings – Part II

By September 6, 2019October 2nd, 2019Design Advice & Inspiration, Design, Knowledge & Tips

Following from our blog on the basics of setting up your house for a cat, we now cover how to design spaces which your cat will love.

Designing spaces for your (pampered) cat


Cats need to scratch to keep their claws in good condition and prefer to reach high to do so, so they can put their weight into it. 

Consider a large standing or wall mounted post for adult cats- like this to replicate the trees they’d use in the wild.   To encourage use of scratching posts (rather than your furniture)  spray them with cat nip and reward use with lots of positive vocal and food treats 

If your cat scratches the furniture, calmly pick them up and take them to the scratching post instead and consider spraying ‘out of bounds’ areas with citronella oil.

Circus Training

Cats are nimble creatures and love climbing/ exploring, especially when they are young. To help avoid them climbing up your curtains, give them more fun alternatives- like these cat shelves made from vegan/ sustainable/ recycled resources- Yum!

If you’re fitting shelves to a room for your cats to use; we suggest an initial jump up of no more than 1.2m; any further and the shelves will need to be deeper than 250mm to accommodate your cat’s landing. Shelves with holes should be between 450-520mm distance apart so the average cat can peek through the hole first to check the coast is clear. All bespoke shelves should be spray painted/ pre coated to allow for easy cleaning.

Other practical tips

  • Opt for a WC paper holder with a cover to avoid your cat unrolling the whole thing
  • Put breakable items in places your cat will struggle to reach/ knock off. Nooks high up work well.
  • Ensure your indoor (and outdoor) plants are not poisonous to cats- avoid lilies and poinsettias which are dangerous to cats. See this list for further info. NB kittens are most at risk since they tend to explore more fervently than adult cats. Options to dissuade cats from chewing poisonous plants are alternatives like ‘cat grass’ and cat nip.
  • At Christmas, provide new toys and climbing spaces to avoid interest in your Christmas tree. We opt for a door hanging climbing turret- it can be filled with toys and treats as a distraction. 
  • If your cat ever goes missing- put their litter tray or blankets outside to lure them back with familiar scents.
  • Choose rugs which you can easily clean and avoid looped carpets or fabrics which cats can easily pull.

For help with your renovation, feline friendly or otherwise, get in touch!

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