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Enjoy your Outside Space all year round

By August 29, 2019October 2nd, 2019Design Advice & Inspiration, Design

Exposure to natural daylight, plants and landscape improves our health, happiness and productivity. When the days get shorter and colder, we naturally spend more time indoors – so how do you enjoy your outside space even when the sofa calls?  

Create a garden for all seasons

  • Work with a gardener to design a planting scheme that looks good all year round. Include some evergreen and some winter flowering bulbs and shrubs
  • Consider fitting in a vegetable or fruit patch to incentivise you to get outdoors – lots of vegetables mature in autumn and still more needs planting in winter…
  • If you have room, install beautiful waterproof storage outside so that you can have your outdoor cushions ready to use whenever the weather is warm enough.
  • Include beautiful features that look good when the plants are sparse. We love a striking feature wall – painted a bright colour or tiled with colourful/ textured tiles.
Cute pastel green storage space in the garden styled by Absolute Project Management
Lovely outdoor storage helps you use your garden whenever the weather is right
Comfortable lounge styled by Absolute Project Management
A bright yellow wall makes an outdoor feature all year round

Build a room with a view

  • Create views you can enjoy from inside by installing large, minimally framed, patio doors. Avoid turning your living room into a greenhouse by making the right decisions about glazing type, position etc. We have lots of experience with this so get in touch!
  • Add a mirror to a wall at the end of a ‘view’ – even a short one – to create depth and movement.
  • Add lighting (maybe on a timer) to your outdoor spaces so you can enjoy them even as the days get shorter.
  • Select complementary finishes & furnishings inside & out to give the impression that the garden is an extension of your inside space.
Dining room with beautiful view of garden through large patio doors - renovation by Absolute Project Management
Large patio doors create a stunning view
Brightly designed dining room and bespoke joinery units designed by Absolute Project Management
Complementary finishes connect inside & out

Maximise any outdoor space

  • Add window boxes or troughs to window sills (secure these carefully…) and door-steps and update the planting seasonally.
  • Install a green roof tray to a bin store/ shed/ any other horizontal surface you can see from your home – this is usually a low maintenance option and great for encouraging insects into the urban environment.
  • Place pots within sight-lines of your windows – consider seasonal planting or growing herbs – many varieties will grow outside for most of the year if reasonably well sheltered.
Turquoise hanging garden
Take inspiration from this Vietnamese vertical garden!
A green roof is great for the environment

Bring the greenery inside

  • Enhance the views of the outside with plenty of houseplants. We recommend succulents for their low-maintenance nature, and peace lilies for their excellent air-cleansing properties. Trailing plants such as Golden Pothos and Tradescantia are brilliant for creating the ‘indoor jungle’ look.  
  • A cleverly placed mirror will amplify the impact of your indoor and outdoor greenery, as well as reflecting natural light.
  • Adopt other principles of biophilic design, such as the use of natural materials and patterns.
Brightly coloured living room in Hove with trailing plants
Use trailing plants and a well placed mirror to create an indoor jungle look
Mixture of pink tones in the living room Styled by Absolute Project Management
Houseplants inside enhance the views of the garden

As well as looking lovely, Biophilic design has a positive impact on our happiness and wellbeing by improving air quality and supporting our circadian rhythms (resulting in better sleep). Get in touch for advice incorporating these principles into your home.

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