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Creating an entertainment area in your own outdoor space

Everyone’s very excited (and maybe a bit intimidated) by the thought of socialising again.  We’re having to do that in a safe and cautious way, by booking tables outside pubs (for now), which means lots of tables in lots of pubs are already booked up.

If you’re making your first forays into meeting up w friends or family but failed to book a table, you’re probably considering having people round to your garden/ outside space.  Here’s our step-by-step guide to creating an inviting entertainment space outside…

  • Somewhere to sit – ideally table/ chairs/ benches suitable for external use but you could take out reasonably hardwearing ‘inside’ chairs/ cushions or stools to sit on – remember to bring them in at the end of the evening…
  • Make the space cosy (specially if it’s not really outside weather…) – use soft furnishings – it’s easy to gather up and drag outside a selection of rugs, throws, cushions, etc. Read our blog on enjoying your outdoor spaces all year round here.
  • Brighten it up and add dimension by introducing light – ideally fixed exterior lights, but you can improvise w festoon or Christmas lights and loads of candles/ lanterns in different sized/ coloured holders.
  • If the weather’s really cold (or you’re cooking) you could get a barbeque or firepit going (though think through the safety and carbon-burning/ polluting aspects of those…)
  • On the other hand, if it’s super sunny, consider a parasol/ or a sail covering/ awning to provide some protection/ any area to escape and cool down.
  • You can keep some pretty handheld fans nearby to help create a breeze on warm days.
  • To serve food and drinks – ideally use attractive non-breakable glasses, bowls, etc. – to keep cold drinks cool fill a large dish/ vase w water and ice – if no other options are available, consider using a (clean) bucket or bin…
  • If you’re forwarding planning a bit, think about easy fixes to brighten up the outdoor space:
    • we love using brightly coloured paint on external doors/ walls/ fences/ benches, etc., or even on areas of floor (specially good for ugly/ cracked concrete…) – read our blog on choosing the best colour for your garden fence here.
    • if you have space and the inclination, think  about building raised beds, or growing vegetables (or flowers) in pots, or abandoned sinks, barrels, etc., etc….

  • If your outside area’s a bit sparse, bring out potted plants, or cut flowers – or use your imagination and whatever you have to hand – use dried grasses/ seed pods or even  boughs of shrubs you (or a neighbour) might just have pruned

Have fun and enjoy your first steps back into your social life…

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