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Creating a luxurious bathroom

By February 21, 2020March 25th, 2020Bathrooms, Knowledge & Tips

Cast your mind back to the last hotel you really enjoyed staying in. We’re guessing the bathroom was a big factor in your experience… A beautiful bathroom adds luxury to your daily routine, while a badly designed (or even just tired) one can be a daily irritant.

Here’s our guide to creating a luxurious bathroom in your home. 

The importance of quality;

Why does quality matter in a bathroom?

  • Ergonomics & practicality are very important – and many products are surprisingly badly designed in this respect. Think sinks that splash, taps that are hard to control, and uncomfortable toilet seats.
  • Low quality fittings can break, with potentially costly consequences – ripping out your lovely new tiles to get to the broken part, and repairing water damage to your property and potentially your neighbours.
  • You’re likely to be spending time there first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It’s important that you’re happy there! 

Bathroom brands we love

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a lovely bathroom, but for some things it really pays to go with the best quality your budget allows.

Showers & Taps

It’s really worth spending money on these fittings. 

  • They’re the working, plumbed-in parts of the bathroom and ideally need to last for the lifetime of your bathroom.  (This is particularly so with anything wall mounted – the working parts are hidden in the wall – replacing them involves removing tiles). 
  • They’re also the moving parts you handle every day – so should feel lovely.

If you want a gold or bronze finish, it is so important to choose a good brand – the cheaper options are thinly coated and the finish will degrade quickly.

We love Samuel Heath, Dornbracht and Gessi – high quality, with a lovely range of styles and finishes.

Traditional bath with Samuel Heath overhead shower. Bathroom designed by Absolute Project Management
Samuel Heath landmark tap in modern bathroom designed by Absolute Project Management
Left/ Above: Samuel Heath taps & showers in traditional and modern designs
Dornbracht Tap
Gessi Tap


Baths, sinks and toilets don’t need to be expensive to be good quality, but do choose ones that work for your needs. We like Toto for high tech, highly sanitary toilets, Villeroy and Boch for classic and comfortable baths, and Antonio Lupi for extraordinary basins.

Toto: High tech toilets
Villeroy & Boch bath in bathroom designed by Absolute Project Management
Villeroy & Boch: Classic, comfortable baths
Antonio Lupi: Sculptural baths


Well-designed vanity units and mirror cabinets add vital storage. If these are ‘built in’ (e.g. a recessed mirror cabinet, or a vanity with a deck-mounted tap), look for something that will last. Antonio Lupi and Keuco both make lovely furniture pieces with a large range of finishes and colours.

Ensuite joinery styled by Absolute Project Management
Top Left; Keuco Mirror Cabinet
Bottom Right; Antonio Lupi Vanity
Above: Bespoke joinery above WC cistern


We’ve written a whole journal just about tiles… They have a huge visual impact but (whisper it) lower cost tiles can be lovely. If your budget doesn’t cover luxury tiles as well as quality fittings, prioritise the fittings.

Design details

Choosing lovely fittings and finishes is only part of the story – other details to consider when designing your dream bathroom include:

  • Brilliant basics; poor plumbing work, ventilation, or sealing will undermine the quality of your bathroom immediately. Ensure you work with a diligent contractor.
  • Layout; compact bathrooms can be surprisingly lovely, but it is vital to allow enough space to move around freely. Nothing kills the luxury vibe like banging your hip on the sink every day!
  • Lighting; Good lighting is key to creating a space that works for an invigorating shower, a luxurious bath, and a night-time stumble to the loo.
  • Tile pattern; An off-centre grout line will catch your eye every day… lining up tiles and fittings can take some thought.
  • Finishes; Once you’ve splashed out on a beautiful brass tap, a chrome towel hook could ruin the look. Look for finishing touches and accessories to coordinate.
Light bright bathroom designed by Absolute Project Management
Stylish grey bathroom designed by Absolute Project Management
Above & Top; Tiling & lighting details are important to achieve a luxurious finish

Compact Bathroom designed by Absolute Project Management
Careful planning & clever shelf details make this compact bathroom work.

There’s more to bathroom design than meets the eye. If you are considering a new bathroom as part of a renovation, get in touch.

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