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Cooling your home in a heatwave – Air Conditioning

By September 6, 2018October 2nd, 2019Design for the future, Knowledge & Tips

In part 1 of this series, we let you know how to cool your home naturally.  In this blog we tell you about Air Conditioning and the process to install it.

Air Conditioning

At APM we have helped numerous clients fit Air conditioning throughout the years. After record breaking temperatures this summer, we thought now would be the perfect time to let you know what’s involved.

Firstly, air conditioning is expensive to install and run, requires lots of planning and not good for the environment.  You should therefore exhaust all other natural cooling options first and consider only the most economic air conditioning available – as a last resort.

The first stage

Get a specialist supplier on site to advise what equipment they recommend for your space and what preparation would be required.  Once you have a plan, this should be checked over by your Project Manager to ensure it does not interfere with other services or structural elements.

Once you know what machinery you require/ have chosen, your supplier should provide details on the machinery’s aesthetics, size and noise output.

A specialist Air Conditioning supplier will recommend equipment suitable to your property


Planning Permission

The next stage is ascertaining whether you will need planning permission. This is often required for the condensing machinery placed outside the property.  Permission covers both-

  • The aesthetics of installing a large piece of equipment. It is particularly important to consider its location/ impact on the streetscape/ neighbour’s view/ right to light etc.
  • Noise- local council’s set guidelines on the amount of noise machinery can output particularly in dense populated areas. You may require a noise survey and acoustic covering to reduce the noise to allowed levels.

Your local planning office should be able to advice on whether planning is required.  If yes, the best practice is to employ a local Project Manager or Architect to gather the relevant information and submit your application.

Planning Permission is often required to install the external condensing equipment


The installation stage

Once you have planning permission in place, you can start booking the work in.  Ascertain what the air conditioning supplier will do and whether you’ll need a general labourer to open and make good walls, before and after installation.

If you need an acoustic surround, you’ll need to coordinate this to be fitted at the same time as the machinery.  It is useful to appoint a Project Manager at this stage to coordinate the specialists and sense check all practical details; such as will everything fit through the door?!

Once installed, we suggest signing up for regular maintenance to ensure your machinery lasts well, performs well and filters are changed as necessary.  Once this is in place, you can rest easy in your new cool house (and stop making trips to the Local Co-op fridges!)

For help with designing and planning your renovation/ home improvements, get in touch.

No more hanging out in the fridge aisle of your local supermarket!

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