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Drains are probably not something you want to think about… but if you’re a homeowner it is really important that you know the condition of your drains and deal with any problems sooner rather than later. In this post we look at how and why you should get your drainage system surveyed.

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What is a drain survey?

A drain survey is an inspection of your drainage system. This is done through cameras (CCTV!) which are inserted into your drains. The camera captures images and videos which are fed back to an engineer to inspect. Many companies will also give you access to the videos so you can see for yourself… 

CCTV drain surveys

It is very important to get them checked by professionals as they have the correct equipment and know what to look out for.  

Why have your drains surveyed?

If they are not checked regularly and there is damage which isn’t picked up then this could cause very serious problems in the future, which might result in very obtrusive work being done to your home in order to fix it i.e. digging up the Ground Floor. 

Surveys are quick and fairly easy to carry out. The main thing for a homeowner to do is to note where the man holes are. This will help the engineer with their survey. Are they easy to get to? Are they covered? Are they tiled shut? Are they in the middle of a busy road? 

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When should you have your drains surveyed?

The housing market is extremely busy at the movement with lots of people moving into new properties. We would recommend getting a survey done as soon as you move in so you are fully aware of the state of the drains/pipes from the start. 

If you are planning renovation work, we advise getting a survey during the planning stage. If there is any invasive remedial work needed, it will be easier to do this and make good afterwards as part of a larger renovation.

You should certainly have a survey done if you have any concerns about your drains. These are warning signs something isn’t right with your drainage system – 

  • bad smells
  • sinks draining slower than usual 
  • unusual noises in the outlets or pipes
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Most homes suffer with some form of drain blockage so it best not to ignore the warning signs and get it checked out.  

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