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Buying a House part 6/10 – Building Survey

By May 12, 2017August 30th, 2019Buying a House, Buying a House, Knowledge & Tips

We always advise getting a full report to ensure any issues are flagged before you go through with the purchase.  The cost for this report is non-refundable but it is usually preferable to pay for an in-depth report to flag any major issue – allowing you to pull out of the sale if necessary.  You are also somewhat protected should problems arise later which were not specifically mentioned in your building report.

If there is an issue with the property you have a chance to renegotiate the house price or ask the seller to deal with the issue before exchange.

If your building survey flags any issues which need investigation – hire a professional asap to advise on the process and cost to deal with.  If you need help deciphering the building survey, please get in touch.  At APM we are extremely familiar with surveys and have many trades who can deal with typical issues quickly and effectively before you move in.


Once you know you are going ahead with the sale – arrange to visit the property again to measure.  It would be useful to have a professional do this for you and produce scaled drawings so you can decide on layouts, furnishings and even provisional colour schemes.  If you intend to have any built in furniture – we recommend having the contractor go to site to assess the best way to construct and to take measurements on site (not all walls are straight which will vastly affect offsite pre built joinery!)

If you are intending to start a big renovation as soon as possible – get measuring and planning asap though beware that any work undertaken by professionals before exchange will have to be paid for – even if the sale falls through.

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