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Biophilic colour scheme

By October 16, 2020Knowledge & Tips

At APM we LOVE colour and have seen many of our clients becoming bolder in their choices of colours over the last few months. With many spending more time at home, a bold colour is bringing them the vibrance and enjoyment they’d usually experience outside. Now our homes are not just serene light spaces, but also can be filled with daring colours, deep tone floor to ceiling pigments and vibrant dashes of hue.

At APM we’re committed to sustainable design, when it comes to paints we suggest our clients opt for water-based and low VOC. But also, we avoid waste by selecting a colour and paint which will look good for years to come- avoiding costly and environmentally impactful re-work. As such we’ve devised a new colour scheme, choosing colours which invoke the natural world, from a selection of our favourite paint brands.

Light tones

Light tones make a space feel lighter, airier and fresher, with many wonderful options available from various colour companies to use in your home. See some of our favourites below:

Farrow & Ball: Skimming stone
Little Greene: Portland Stone
Edward Bulmer: Whiting
Graphenstone: White linen

Deep hues

Using deep hues in your home can provide depth and warmth, and add a real richness that we can also see in the environment around us. A few of our favourite deep hues are below:

Farrow & Ball: Green Smoke 47
Little Greene: Tuscan Red 140
Edward Bulmer: Slate
Graphenstone: Highland


Using neutral tones is often favourable for joinery, as they allow for other colours in the space to shine, wear well and mask fingerprints that tend to appear. Some of our favourite options are below:

Farrow & Ball: Charleston Grey 243
Little Greene: Slaked Lime deep 150
Edward Bulmer: Mouse Grey
Graphenstone: Suede

Splash of colour

We love a dash of bright colour in a space, and find that nature offers an incredible and limitless array of biophilic tones for us to sample from. A few of our top choices are below:

Farrow & Ball: India Yellow 66
Little Greene: Citrine 71
Edward Bulmer: Sea green
Graphentone: Tuberose

Some inspirational elements from nature

The stunning shot below was taken by our own Jo Sampson while away in Portugal. The stunning greens, yellows, blue and brown tones are so fresh and inviting, we love how much nature truly influences us. When we need some inspiration from the world around us, we tend to look to particular sources that always deliver a stunning biophilic colour palette:

  • Pansies and other flowers
  • Ocean
  • Sea side- rocks, sand, etc
  • Plants
  • Skin
  • Bird eggshells
  • Flowers

If you need help with your renovation colour scheme, contact us now!

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