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Bedroom design and trends in 2020

By October 23, 2020Knowledge & Tips

The stresses we’ve all faced this year don’t look like they’re  coming to an end anytime soon.  It’s therefore even more important than usual to make sure each area of your home is welcoming, functional, comfortable, and a pleasure to be in. Disrupted sleep is a widely reported problem at the moment – so it is particularly beneficial to make your bedroom a soothing sanctuary. Our top tips when planning changes to the design of your bedroom are below:

Bedroom with parquet floor, grey feature wall and blue velvet curtains - renovation by Absolute Project Management


One of the biggest trends of the year – sure to continue into next year – is the use of natural, organic finishes throughout the home. Being able to bring the outdoors in is a great way to surround yourself with the peace and tranquillity of nature when you’re less able to go outside. Many of us are also focussed on buying sustainably and responsibly, and with that comes choosing fittings that are more environmentally friendly – which often means natural materials. Using natural finishes tends to add a luxe touch that is particularly well suited to bedrooms. Organic linen, for example, is an amazing fabric that feels lovely, is long-lasting and has a high-end look to it (while being fully biodegradable in due course). Organic materials have the added benefit of inducing a calming effect, generally being lighter in tone and soft to touch, enhancing the relaxing feel for your bedroom.

Staircase with tapered treads styled by Absolute Project Management


If you’ve only read a handful of our journal articles, you’ll know that we love biophilic design. Indoor plants are air-purifying, aesthetically pleasing, and are an excellent way to add style to a space. One or two plants in bedroom will add life and colour, along with the sense of calm and relaxation that comes with being in nature.

Bedroom with soft neutral tones + parquet flooring, renovation by Absolute Project Management


Carefully considering lighting is one of the best ways to help create a space that is welcoming and comfortable to be in. There are lots of great lighting options available at the moment, with natural materials playing a huge part – rattan, linen and moulded wood create a lovely warm glow and add an organic element to the room. We particularly love Tom Raffield’s stunning looped timber lighting designs – see one of his Skipper pendants below, and read about our love for Tom Raffield designs here.

Window coverings

It’s best to carefully consider window coverings, to ensure that you’re ordering based on your personal needs. If you live in a brightly-lit area, opting for blackout coverings will be a worthwhile decision, giving you a better opportunity for a good night’s sleep.
It’s also important to remember that well-made window coverings are worth the investment – they will be longer-lasting, insulate the room better, and result in less light-leakage.

Damien & Ana - Hackney - Renovation by Absolute Project Management

Colour palette

Trending colours are currently very much based on a biophilic colour palette, which we love as nature provides us with a constant supply of inspiration – see our recent journal on using a biophilic colour scheme. Either rich or light biophilic tones can be successfully used in the bedroom, regardless of room size. It’s important to think about the mood that you’d like to create and consider accordingly, whether it be for a moody, comforting, welcoming, or relaxing feeling.

Chris, Hove -  Home staging by Absolute Project Management

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