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Absolute Home Staging- Adding the ‘WOW’ factor!

By October 28, 2014May 17th, 2017Home Staging

Dear readers; we are pleased to announce a new service with Absolute: Home Staging.

After years of experience working with homeowners; buying, renovating and selling, we built up extensive knowledge of the best ways to market properties.  Many clients we helped with renovation projects sought advice on selling their homes and purchasing new properties to renovate; so we helped maximise their investments and gain extra money in sale.

This lead to Absolute Home Staging, a branch of ‘APM’ dedicated to preparing properties for sale using effective, low cost solutions.

Add the WOW factor

When viewers walk through the door of a home staged by Absolute Home Staging, they instantly wish they lived in the space.

Every house is different and we work out a strategy for each property we visit, but our key rules:

  1. First impressions– ensure your front door and hallway are well prepared and welcoming
  2. Declutter– less is definitely more; get things off surfaces and floors
  3. Clean– overall ‘sparkle’ clean including windows, steam clean carpets, clean curtains + blinds
  4. Smell– clean, fresh – move dogs out if possible for period of marketing; if the house is empty periodically open windows/ run taps/ flush loos; buy room fragrance
  5. Maximise light– ensure all lights are working, keep lights on when marketing, keep curtains and blinds open
  6. Aspiration– depending on your market, consider hiring top of the range TV/AV system; bring in plants and flowers
  7. Cosmetic redecoration– tidy up paintwork, loose cables, sockets, etc.
  8. Garden– tidy up plants and lawns, install bedding plants

Most important rooms:

  • Kitchen– can update inexpensively by retiling, repainting, displaying good quality small appliances such as kettle, coffee machine, luxurious glasses/ crockery
  • Bathroom + feeling of space
  • Neutrality– temporarily rehouse furniture/ artwork, etc., even if much loved, that doesn’t fit with the look you’re trying to convey to your market.

Our speciality is preparing homes to sell or let – we’ll be delighted to discuss your home.


How we work:

  1. Initial inspection and advice about work needed – from minor updates to restyling of whole house or key rooms
  2. Prepare a schedule of works, timetable and budget
  3. Organise contractors as needed for any decoration/ repair works
  4. Source furnishings and accessories if needed, or advise on best use of clients’ own furniture
  5. Final presentation – placing of furniture, artworks, accessories and lighting.

Get in touch to maximise your market potential.



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