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A sofa is for life, not just for Christmas!

By December 5, 2014October 2nd, 2019Design Advice & Inspiration, Design

A sofa is for life, not just for Christmas; How to buy furniture that lasts…

At this time of year in particular you can be ‘panicked’ into buying furniture to accommodate guests (extra beds or sofas, a huge table) – here are our top tips to ensure you buy the right pieces:

  • Use– furniture you will use for a long time is an investment and should be a pleasure, so give plenty of thought to:
    • what you need it for
    • where it will go
    • how often you will actually use it.

You’ll then be able to think through how the piece should perform, other furniture it should coordinate with and what your budget should be.

For example – buying a beautiful but expensive sofa bed is only worthwhile if it is actually comfortable as a sofa and will be used regularly as a bed.

  • Colours– don’t get swept away in Christmas/ seasonal fever – choose colours which work well all year around and coordinate with your existing colour schemes.
    • If you have kids, avoid cream or white!
    • Vibrant colours look amazing but beware of getting something you will tire of easily or choose something with changeable covers.
  • Materials– think about how and where you’re using the piece of furniture:
    • in areas of heavy traffic or where children or pets are present, make sure the piece is:
    • easy to clean – thick, luxurious fabrics and rugs/ carpets will look amazing but may be difficult to maintain.
    • knock proof – polished wood looks amazing but is easily scratched
    • chose a material which is comfortable all year around – for example,  leather is a beautiful material and wears well – but can be cold in the winter and sticky in the summer.
  • Style– fashions are always changing but you won’t go wrong if you chose something you think is, or will become, a classic, or is a timeless (but not boring) design
  • Alternatively– consider updating your existing furniture (you save money, time and the environment):
    • Add a throw and/ or cushions to an old sofa – these can add colour, disguise worn areas and give a seasonal feel – use a knitted rug in winter and a linen sheet in summer, for example.
    • Hang new curtains, mirrors and artwork to overhaul a space and create new interest without much hard work or cost.
    • Use flowers and plants to introduce freshness and colour

If you would like some help and advice with your renovation or interior design project, please get in touch. Organising renovations from start to finish is what we do.


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