Buying a House part 9/10 – Moving

By July 20, 2017Knowledge & Tips

Even the most organised house move will encounter problems. Do you best to calmly deal with these when they arise – make life as easy as possible for yourself by doing the following before you move:

  • Have a clear out weeks/months before you pack. You could even do this before you start looking for a property so you can gauge how much storage space you will need and prepare for this. If you have organised, recently cleared cupboards – this will make packing everything much easier.
  • Buy boxes or hire a company to do the packing for you. Trying to pack into irregular shaped or sized boxes will make life untidier and stressful during the move as old/used boxes will inevitably break and you will struggle to stack irregular boxes neatly.
  • Label everything! Label boxes by what room they should be put into in your new home, and by number – which are most important and should be opened first versus which can be stacked neatly to open later.
  • Alternatively hire a company who can pack and unpack everything for you to save on time/hassle. If you go down this route be sure to check their insurance policy for damaged/broken items during the move.
  • Pack a holiday bag. Everyone knows it takes time to unpack and sort through boxes once you have moved. To make your life easier – pack a bag as if you are going on holiday which you move yourself to the new property. You can live out of this whilst you unpack everything else.