Buying a House part 8/10 – Arranging to have work done before you move.

By June 2, 2017Knowledge & Tips

  • This will almost always have to start after completion (though occasionally the seller will allow work to be carried out after exchange – check the insurance situation carefully in these circumstances)
  • Don’t forget this also applies to any test holes or investigations
  • Once you have a completion date, we suggest obtaining quotes and agreeing a timeline with your contractor.  Ask your project manager to provide a contract timeline for the works so you know when you can move in, and ideally allow a week for moving and fitting furniture.  Remember work can be completed more quickly if you are not already living at the property as the builders will not need to spend time cleaning or moving/protecting your belongings every day.

If you are having minor works done as you move in; prepare yourself for dust!  Moving and any building works; even moving a plug socket is noisy, dusty and disruptive.  Warn your new neighbours and prepare yourself mentally for the disruption.  Use someone you trust to do the work and ideally employee someone else to oversee the work whilst you are out, to reduce your stress!